Cannabis Oil: One Of The Most Potent Cannabis Products Around

There are many different types of medical cannabis oil available these days, and it’s one of the most potent products around. What is cannabis oil, exactly?
Cannabis Oil
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Cannabis oil is one of the most potent cannabis products around. What is cannabis oil, exactly? You can also find cannabis oil under the names Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), Black Oil, Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil (FECO), and Jamaican hash oil.

What is cannabis oil?

This type of cannabis oil is extracted using a solvent. Typically, either grain alcohol or naphtha is used to separate resin from plant material. Though, there is some controversy about using naphtha.

Many critics argue that naphtha leaves potentially carcinogenic residue in the cannabis extract. Naphtha is also highly flammable, causing a safety risk for people who try to attempt the extraction themselves.

Just to be safe, it’s recommended to make cannabis oil that has been made using grain alcohol. The primary difference is that alcohol solvents tend to leave more chlorophyll in the final extraction. This means that the end product will be darker. But, don’t worry. It’s just as potent.

It is fairly easy to make cannabis oil in your own home. Though, grain alcohol is also flammable. If you choose to make cannabis oil yourself, you’ll need to take the proper safety precautions.

Always make medical cannabis oil outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Turn on a couple of fans and make sure windows and doors are open. Have a fire extinguisher handy for the worst case scenario.

For information on how to make medical cannabis oil, click here.

Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson, cancer survivor and cannabis activist, began experimenting with cannabis extracts.

He used a solvent to separate medicinal cannabis resin from the plant materials, creating a highly concentrated essential oil. He began taking the oil orally and found that it eased his symptoms.

Then, in the early 2000s, Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer. In a moment of inspiration, he decided to see what cannabis oil would to do his tumors. He put a dollop of oil onto a couple of bandaids, covered his cancer, and let the bandages sit for a few days.

I never felt a thing. Before that I was getting these sensations, like I had splinters in my face. As soon as I put the oil on, that sensation went away. But, there was no feeling that anything was happening.

[…] I left the bandages in place for four days, and when I went down to the bathroom and took the bandages off, I was just shocked. I was all healed. It was just pink skin on both places. -Simpson explains his experience

Simpson’s success inspired him to speak out about the benefits of cannabis oil. Since his discovery, he has personally helped over 5,000 people treat their conditions with cannabis. All free of charge. Many others have been inspired and found success through his film, Run From The Cure. Now, he speaks about cannabis internationally.

What conditions are treated with cannabis oil?

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Many patients find success with cannabis, though the oil has been popularized for cancer patients and those with epilepsy.

There are many different types of medical cannabis oil available these days. For those who do not want to consume a psychoactive, you can either make or buy oil extracted from ahigh-CBD strain. You can also find indica, sativa, and high-THC versions as well.

Though there have been no clinical studies on cannabis oil specifically, the extract is thought to be helpful for the following conditions. It’s important to note that there is growing evidence that these conditions may respond well to cannabinoid treatments.

Keep in mind, this short list is far from complete.

Rick Simpson Oil is one of many medical cannabis options available for patients. Yet, it may also be one of the most potent. In the absence of cannabis-based pharmaceutical drugs, this highly concentrated extract is the closest thing to a pure cannabinoid medicine available today.

The vast majority of the plant matter is stripped away, and all that’s left are the medicinal phytochemicals.

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